Halloween Party!

Tonight was spooktacular! The McGaugheys hosted an amazing family Halloween Party! We played, jumped on a trampoline,¬†ate, dared to be scared, danced,¬†decorated pumpkins, and guessed each other’s costumes. Such fun!

The night started with free play and costume admiring. We had a lot of Harry Potter characters at the party: Ginny, Doby, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and even Harry himself! We also had ninjas, a dragon, a fire fighter, a chef, a princess, a spider, a zebra, a monkey, a bride of Frankenstein, Mary Poppins, a jedi, a zombie cheerleader, a construction worker, a witch, and more!

Then there was more playing and dinner. It was great seeing the kids having so much fun together!

If you dared, you could walk through the scary haunted hallway in the basement. There was a reward at the end, though – a dance party! The kids had some awesome moves. Owen even tried breakdancing!

Then we played games: pin the eyeball on the monster, eat a fruit-by-the-foot without your hands, and find your partner (Scott’s Juliet found Courtney’s Romeo and my Bert found Sandy’s Ernie!). Some kids decorated pumpkins, too. So cute!

Treats abound tonight, but for me that wasn’t the sweetest thing. It was seeing the kids playing, eating, jumping, and dancing together. We have such amazing families!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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