“A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” -Saul Bellow

We need vital activism in this world as we need those who move deep into contemplation. Hopefully the result of both lead to a living out of a larger truth. Some of us are called to protest and some of us are called to a more contemplative approach to bringing about change. The passionate call for justice needs the balance of those who use silence to move into a deeper understanding of how strong a grasp illusion has on our individual and shared lives.

In our progressive Unitarian Universalist faith the diversity of theological approaches creates a vital and healthy community. I believe the same is true for bringing health to our world that sometimes feels as if it is tipping toward ruin. We need the people on the ground, in factories, hospitals, class rooms, homes, authors, painters, photographers, stay at home dads, pilots, visionaries, pragmatists…the whole kaboodle…

We live in a time when we need inspiration that brings us to a place of larger trust—where living directly from who one is and is called to be from moment to moment, day to day… helps to bring stability to a world that cries for compassion. We need many paths that lead to greater openness and a willingness to share more freely. To the extent we are locked into a singular view of what brings justice into the world, we are attached to illusion.

Let us be free! Let us celebrate our expansive understanding of what is possible!


















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