PNO Pajama Party

We had a wild and crazy time at the PNO Pajama Party on Friday night. We build a fort, played football, ate pizza, drew pictures, played games, watched Toy Story, and ate cake. It was a lot of fun!

The night started off with fort building. Using tables, chairs, the dividers from the Jupiter (Large RE) room, and sheets I had brought from home, the kids constructed a cool fort for the night. It was even equipped with beds – although none of the kids wanted to do any sleeping at this pajama party!

After that, we went outside and played football and a quick game of elephant tag.

Then it was inside for pizza, carrots, grapes, and milk. Yummy!

After dinner, we broke up into 3 groups: one went into the nursery to play with toys, one back outside to play football, and another stayed inside to draw and perfect our fort.

At 7:30 it was movie time! This month we watched Toy Story. Most of the kids snuggled up in the Jupiter room for the movie and popcorn. Some stayed in the nursery to play with toys. They built buildings with the cardboard bricks, made tea, and took dolls for walks. Another group played games in the Inez Alsop room with Harriette Janke. She brought all sorts of new games to introduce to the kids, like Rummy Cube. Rumor had it the games were quite competitive!

Jack Warren’s birthday party group was nice enough to leave us some cake, so at 8:30 we took a cake break. Happy Birthday Jack! The kids REALLY enjoyed the cake!

After the sugar rush, some of the kids watched the rest of the movie. Others played tag, built buildings with blocks, or drew pictures.

To finish the night, we had a dance party! It was rockin’ good fun. We paused the music every so often, and some of the poses the kids had to freeze in were tough. I was super impressed!

All in all it was a pajamarific good night!

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