Nov 20: Social Action in Action

Our social action projects really became active this week. From snack preparation to table decoration to towel and blanket collection, every group was working hard to help others.

The 3rd-6th graders came in on Saturday to begin their snack preparation and then finished during class time on Sunday. They made Alma cheese quesadillas, lemon poppy seed bread, honey and bread, egg salad, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Almost everything they made was from local ingredients, except for the cookies. It’s good to acknowledge that some items can’t grow in Kansas, so we have to rely on others for yummy treats like chocolate chips. What we can buy locally, though, we should. The kids learned that eating ethically and locally saves valuable resources, like gasoline, helps the local economy, and helps the environment by avoiding the use of toxic substances like pesticides. To hear more about what they learned and how they helped local farmers, come to the service next Sunday for their presentation.

In the K-2nd grade classroom, they continued their quest to help animals. First they learned about rescue dogs and had two guests: rescue corgis Mac and Macy. Mac and Macy have been agility trained by their loving new owners, so the kids got to watch them jump, run through tunnels, and follow numerous directions. Then they had a discussion about good homes and bad homes for pets. The kids had great ideas about how to make homes loving and safe. After the rescue dog visit, the class counted their donated items and decorated blankets and towels to give to the Manhattan Animal Shelter. They ended their lesson for the day by taking some of their handmade bookmarks to sell. The proceeds will go to an animal charity that they’ll vote on next week.  To learn more about all of the ways they’ve helped animals this month, come to the service next week for their presentation.

The toddlers and preschoolers combined efforts this week to create hand print turkeys to decorate the snack table and their tables at home. Cathy Hedge filled in for Sandy and with Katherine’s help taught the kids how to make hand print turkeys and decorate them. They were so colorful! Then the kids placed their turkeys on the 3rd-6th grade snack table to beautify it. It did look amazing! At the end of snack time, they got to take their turkeys home, so they can enliven their Thanksgiving tables, too. To hear more about how their artwork helps others, come to the service next week.

If you would like to extend these lessons at home, here are a few ideas: for 3rd-6th graders, involve them in the grocery-list-making and cooking processes. They have gained new skills through their social action project and can now be excellent resources on local products and sous chefs in the kitchen. For K-2nd graders, help them sell their bookmarks and brainstorm possible animal charities to which they could donate the proceeds. You can also continue to collect old towels, blankets, and other items to donate to the Manhattan Animal Shelter. They are always in need. For toddlers and preschoolers, continue the decoration at home. You could make more hand print turkeys to donate to Meadowlark or neighbor’s Thanksgiving tables. Artwork is a priceless gift!

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