Nov. 27: Social Action Presentation and Reflection

We had a fantastic end to our social action month on Sunday. The kids gave excellent presentations on their respective projects. Then we wrote thank you notes, reflected, and planned ahead for future projects.

The 3rd-6th graders, represented by Maeve, Lily, and Destinie, gave a wonderful overview of their ethical eating social action project. In their presentation to the fellowship, they described their selection process; their trip to People’s; their menu planning, cooking, and serving; and, all of ways they helped the environment and the people of Kansas. After the service, they shared joys and concerns in their classroom. Then they joined with the preschoolers and K-2nd graders to reflect on their project and plan ahead for future projects, like the Guest at Your Table program.

The K-2nd graders, represented by Molly, shared all of the amazing experiences they had working with animals this month. They made bird feeders, learned about guide dogs and rescue dogs, collected sheets and blankets for the animal shelter, and raised money for a charity. After the service they voted and decided to donate their proceeds to the National Wildlife Federation. Then they wrote thank-you notes to all of the guests who helped make their social action project month successful. Their lesson concluded with reflection and learning about the Guest at Your Table program with the preschoolers and 3rd-6th graders.

The preschoolers, represented by Rose, gave a great recap of their social action projects. Rose shared that they made get-well cards for ill members of the fellowship and helped decorate the 3rd-6th graders snack table with handprint turkeys. In their classroom, the preschoolers reflected on their Thanksgiving holidays while drawing rainbows. Then they joined the older kids to learn about the Guest at Your Table program.

In the nursery, the infants and toddlers concluded their month of helping others by drawing/writing thank-you notes to their parents. Then they played with toys.

If you would like to extend these lessons at home with your children, here are some ideas: for all of the children, help them with the Guest at Your Table program. Donate money at each meal to help someone in need. Also, help them inspire others to participate in the program. For 3rd-6th graders, buy local produce, cheese, eggs, etc. every once in awhile. As they reflected on Sunday, local food tastes better! For K-2nd graders, keep your bird feeders loaded with food for the winter and take a field trip to the animal shelter whenever you have donations. For preschoolers, continue to inspire artwork at home that would enliven someone else’s day. For infants and toddlers, remind them that they are capable of helping out at home. Let them know how they can help the family.

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