PNO: Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to us! We had a fabulous birthday party Parents’ Night Out on Friday, complete with cake, a piñata, and the movie, Peter Pan.

We began the night by painting birthday cards and hats. The kids got really into it and created wonderful pieces of art – the colors were so vibrant.

Then we had birthday cake and ice cream and sang to Destinie, whose actual birthday was Thursday. Perfect timing!

After the cake, we all took turns hitting a piñata filled with puzzle pieces and fruit snacks. We began with the youngest, Luke, and ended with the oldest, Destinie. We got through the line-up one and half times. William’s mighty swings during the second round took down the piñata and all of the kids scrambled for the prizes.

Then we played “toss it.” The kids chose partners and had to see how far they could get tossing different objects. First we tossed the cardboard bricks from the nursery. Then we tossed plastic rings. Surprisingly, the rings were harder. We got pretty far apart before dropping them, though.

After “toss it,” we played “2 truths and a lie.” Every kid had to say 2 true things and one false thing about themselves and the rest of the group had to guess which one was the lie. Leah’s was the hardest: “I have 2 dogs, 2 dads, and 2 baby brothers.” Hmm… all false. She’s such a trickster!

Finally, in the theme of growing older/not wanting to grow older, we watched Peter Pan. It was so awesome to see the wonder on the kids’ faces as Peter and the gang flew, battled Captain Hook, and saved Tinkerbell’s life.

It was a wonderful Parents’ Night Out. So much fun! Happy birthday to all and to all a good night!

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