A Few Questions On Racism

“A good deal of time and intelligence has been invested in the exposure of racism and the horrific results on its objects … It seems both poignant and striking how avoided and unanalyzed is the effect of racist inflection on the subjects.  The scholarship that looks into the mind, imagination, and behavior of slaves is valuable. But equally valuable is a serious intellectual effort to see what racial ideology does to the mind, imagination, and behavior of masters.”   Toni Morrison

How does what happened impact what happens?  How much of what happens, happens because we are unaware of our hidden biases? How do we get to the furtive places in the mind and heart where our conditioning blinds us from a truth that has power to liberate us all from the tyranny of indifference?  How do we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day with integrity?  Keen examination inspires.  Let us be inspired to use our intelligence and imagination to generate equality that goes way beyond what we know …

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