Final Our Whole Lives Class

Sunday was our last Our Whole Lives class. The K-2nd and 5th-6th graders completed their 8-week courses. To celebrate the conclusion of the program, we had a party in the Inez Alsop room. Every family brought a dish that represented a favorite family memory. Some brought trail mix to represent hiking together, others brought chocolate chip cookies that they love to bake, and others brought chips, salsa, and homemade guacamole. Yum! The students were all presented with certificates of completion and the teachers were given thank-you notes and gift certificates by the parents. So thoughtful!

On behalf of the teachers, I want to express how truly grateful and honored we were to teach the K-2nd and 5th-6th graders in their respective OWL classes. We all grew so much during the course. Thank you for sharing their journey of self-exploration and sexuality education with us.

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