Pathology and Opportunity

“Crime  is a routine behavior; it’s a thing people do when they get used to doing it…” Zimring, 1/30/12 New Yorker

“Curbing crime does not depend on reversing social pathologies or alleviating social grievances; it depends on erecting small, annoying barriers to entry.” Adam Gopnik

Crime is not curtailed by punishment nor by being nice. Wow! The percentage of people put in jail has tripled in 20 years. No other country in the world gets close to locking up as many of its citizens as we do in America.

“The scale and brutality of our prisons are the moral scandal of American life.” Adam Gopnik

70,000 prisoners are raped every year. African-Americans are imprisoned 7 times more than white Americans. Has slavery ended? NO!

What is the responsibility of a progressive faith community with such troubling cultural and ethical issues?

Let me know what you think. Is there a way we can help solve this anguished puzzle? How do we stand on the side of love in this hell realm? Really respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person?




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