PNO: St. Patrick’s Day

The luck of the Irish was with us Friday night – we had a great time! The night began with four-leaf clover making and decorating. We then created a “We are lucky” display in the RE hallway. Check it out!

After the clovers, the kids followed a rainbow-themed scavenger hunt to find their green dessert. Each clue led them closer to the lime sherbet floats. Yummy! In addition to the floats, the kids enjoyed celery with Green Goddess dressing, green grapes, and Lucky Charms as snacks.

Following dessert, we played some leprechaun games. The first challenge was to try to drop a coin held between your two ring fingers while your middle fingers were folded. Unless you’re double-jointed like Larry, you can’t do it!

Then we played “Hide the Coin.”  William, Owen, and I were the leprechauns and the rest of the kids had to pass the coin around the circle without us knowing who had it at any given time. They worked out an awesome strategy and it took someone dropping the coin for us to know who had it!

The last game we played was “Find the Rainbow.” We took turns placing a rainbow somewhere in the Jupiter room. Then the rest of us had to find it. Once we found it we retuned the magic carpet without telling anyone where it was. Each round got harder and harder, but we all managed to find the rainbow each time. It was a super fun game.

We ended the night with the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” We were all enchanted by the rainbows, munchkins, and Emerald City. The movie may not exactly be about St. Patrick’s Day or leprechauns, but it was pretty magical nonetheless!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

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