Apr 1: Job, Moving, Passover, and Spring

We love to laugh! We also love to learn! This week the 3rd-6th graders learned about Job, the K-2nd graders learned about the Hebrews’ flight to Egypt, the preschoolers learned about Passover, and the infants and toddlers learned about spring.

In the 3rd-6th grade classroom, Larry shared the Bible story of Job and led the kids in a discussion about good days and bad days. Sometimes we control what kind of day we have and other times our days happen to us. Then they brainstormed some ways to cope with bad days – laughing was, of course, one strategy! They also talked a little bit about the distinction between the Old Testament and the New. More on that will come next week!

In the K-2nd grade class, Molly shared the story of the Hebrews’ Flight to Egypt. Then they discussed what refugees are and what it’s like to move. Molly asked what some of the advantages are of moving and called on Lauren for her knowledge. They brainstormed a lot of good ideas. Lauren is off on her adventure now. We will miss her and Carrie greatly!

In the Pre-K classroom, Sandy led the preschoolers in a celebration of Passover. Sandy began by teaching them what Passover is – a celebration of when Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. Then they celebrated a traditional seder, complete with wine (grape juice), karpas (celery), matzoh, horseradish, and beitzah (hard boiled egg). They told stories and reflected while sipping their wine, and Sandy read them a story. It was a wonderful celebration!

In the nursery, the infants and toddlers learned about spring. They read books about the seasons and talked about what makes spring special. Then they colored and played with toys.

If you would like to extend these lessons at home, here are some suggestions: for 3rd-6th graders, discuss good ways of coping with the ups and downs in life. What can you do when situations are in your control and what can you do when they’re not? For K-2nd graders, talk about what’s involved when you move. We live in a transient community, so there’s a good chance all of your children will lose and gain important friends over the years. What are the disadvantages and advantages of this? For preschoolers, share a seder meal with them next weekend during Passover. For infants and toddlers, go out and enjoy spring! Plant flowers, look at all of the colors, and watch the earth renew itself!

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