Apr 8: Easter

Happy Easter! This week the K-6th graders met together to discuss the life and lessons of Jesus, while the preschoolers and infants and toddlers learned about and celebrated Easter.

This week the K-2nd and 3rd-6th graders all met together in the Jupiter room to discuss the life and lessons of Jesus. We began the lesson by lighting the chalice (thank you, William) and sharing joys and concerns. Then Larry and I asked the kids to share what they already knew about Jesus. We wrote their responses on the board, adding details when necessary. The group knows quite a bit about him already (i.e., he accepted all people, he was kind, he helped others, etc.), but they will learn even more in the coming weeks. As part of our discussion, the reliability of oral tradition came up, so we ended the lesson by playing “telephone.” Some of the messages definitely got lost in translation, but “chocolate bunnies” made it all the way around the circle!

In the pre-K classroom, Sandy and the preschoolers talked about superheroes, spring, flowers, bunnies, and how their families celebrate Easter. Apparently UU families are visited by a very sneaky Easter Bunny!

In the nursery, the infants read stories about Easter and then went for a walk outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Our day ended with a great time at the Easter Potluck Brunch and Egg Hunt. The kids very responsibly ate their meals before waiting oh so patiently for the bell to ring indicating the start of the hunt. The older kids hunted in the back of the fellowship for 6 eggs that spelled “flower” while the younger kids ran around the front yard finding hundreds of eggs hidden by Sam and Kim. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and left with either a goodie bag or stuffed animal. No candy!

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