Interdependent Links

Indra’s web, a symbol from Mahayana Buddhism, pictures the jewel-like connecting points of all that exists. When ever a force of destruction occurs there’s a rip in the fabric of all that is. In every day human relations we know there are moments when we can feel that rip—when we have felt, said, done something that causes harm. We are responsible for finding ways of doing less harm and when we do harm, to learn the ways of healing. It is often easier to rationalize our harmful behaviour and make it into a rigid stance, instead of realizing and working on our greater responsibility. While this can be really messy work, it opens the way to the majestic vastness to which we are all linked. Big mind, big heart, great beauty instead of small mind, pinched heart and occluded vision…Really hard work, but life work that helps to keep us humble and open.

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