Family Fun Spring Cleaning

What a super fun and productive Saturday. The RE kids (and adults) got together to clean up and organize our classrooms. The older kids (and adult help) painted the newly remodeled stage room. What a great way to allow our kids some investment in their fellowship and help create the sacred space they deserve. Lots of eager little guys worked through ALL the craft supplies in the Jupiter room. They checked markers and glue etc. to see what we needed, what we had, and to generally have a blast together. The nursery room was transformed by Rylee, Sloane and Owen…Who all enjoyed being a part of such activities as Lego collecting, trash duties, and stuffed animal detail. Rylee even began coming up with his own ideas of jobs: cleaning the window on the door, stacking blocks in the window…He took such a sense of pride in his work, holding his little head high! There was music going, cheese-sticks galore and lots of laughter. We are giving our children such a gift by allowing them these opportunities to get involved…to have a say in decisions that ultimately affect them. What a great community of children we have here! To see them all work together for a common goal, to steadily make the conscious choice to continue with the work, is beautiful.

Another thing I learned from the kids that day was inclusion. One child had invited her friend to come work…She came, smile pasted on her face, paint clothes on ready to contribute. A funny thing happened, she made friends. Our children included her in the games the same as the work. She was playing tag with Burke and plopping on chairs to share popcorn with other children. She told me that this was the “best place ever”. I sometimes struggle to open my arms wide enough for everyone who walks through our doors, to open them long enough to catch the shy stragglers. But our children embraced this little girl, gave it not a second thought…and what a gift we received in return. They didn’t struggle with eye contact, or small talk. They didn’t have to put judgments aside, for they didn’t have any. They just held hands and hearts easily followed.

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