Hold on to your teddy bears, Sunday re-cap

We had a terriffic Sunday celebrating Mothers.  Our children were introduced to the spirit Mother concept, as were we all.  What an interesting idea! 🙂 This is a brilliant way to connect us all.  So far, I know that Anna was reveled as Jocelyn’s Spirit mother…what fun they will have getting to know one another.  

3rd-8th Grade: This past Sunday, Larry’s class reviewed what they have learned this year.  They recalled the Bible stories that were most memorable.  These included the story of Samson, the Book of Job, the Good Samaritan, and ( most vividly remembered),  John the Baptist.  I am told that two of our little guys even re-enacted this story in the classroom.  The focus of the conversation was:  how are UUs like and how are we unlike mainstream Christianity.  The children decided we were most like mainstream Christianity in our rituals, such as celebrating, singing songs and Sunday service. 

K-2nd Grade: Sunday the kiddos learned the story of the Good Samaritan. They talked about how some Christians use WWJD to stand for What Would Jesus Do. And Molly disscussed  how UUs often think “What would a good person do?”In honor of Mother’s Day they talked about what each child’s mom might do in different situations. They each took turns being hurt, calling 911, and taking care of each other. Next week K-2 will to do a sing-along. Molly is going to sing several songs and have the kids vote them up or down until they come to a winner. Then everyone will learn the winning song. 

Pre-K: In the Pre-K class they talked with their “stuffed animals” about how to cope with being scared sometimes, and then they went on a “bear hunt”. The weather was so nice, outdoors was the perfect place to hunt for bears. What fun! 

Nursery: This week the infants and toddlers read ” Is Your Mama a Llama?”, and then they celebrated their human mommas. 

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