May 20: Chicka Teddy Song Revelation


The theme this week was “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and the alphabet!! The little guys enjoyed the great outdoors together Sunday as well. What better “classroom” than the beautiful giant world we are blessed to live in. You might have seen them out there giggling and blowing bubbles!


Sandy’s class celebrated the end of Teddy Bear Month with a special picnic and tea party. What fun! I remember tea parties, do you? They evoke such creativity. They also talked about the many friendships they have made throughout the school year.

K-2nd grade

Sunday Molly and the kids reflected on what they had learned that year in class. They presented to the congregation the lessons and also showed off their art work. They had such a great time having our attention. Then they had an awesome sing-a-long dance party in class. Molly gave a selection of fun options and two of the new songs were hits! They plan on continuing practicing them with all the kids. Molly hopes to eventually have a song book for all the RE children. How fun!! After singing they played UU musical chairs and freeze dance.

3rd – 6th grade

Larry’s class looked at the book of Revelations and how it came to be.  They discussed how it has been taken to be a true story of what is to come for some people.  They also talked about the book being one man’s view of how miserable things were in that time. 


Don’t forget!

This upcoming week (27th) will be the last “real” class of the summer! The kiddos will spend time reflecting on the past year. I know for me, it has been amazing seeing my children grow and flourish in part due to our amazing RE programs and the incredible teachers that volunteer and put so much of themselves in to the fellowship.

Sunday June 3rd will kick off our summer programs with a PARTY equipped with a bounce house and the “OK” to throw wet sponges at one another. Who could ask for more?

It’s a bit far away at this point. However I wanted to let you all know about the first trip in the summer session. June 10th the kids will NOT be joining the service for children’s conversation, they will be heading straight out to Tom and Monta Manney’s Farm! They will get the chance to see and touch animals, learn about plants and most of all have an amazing time getting to know our congregation on a different level. Sun block and/or hats are encouraged as well as close toed shoes and a water bottle. OH yeah!!! Don’t forget to bring your SMILES. 

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