May 6: Golden Rule, Caregiving, and Shapes

This week we celebrated diversity during the Children’s Conversation. Then we had a diversity of lessons. The K-2nd and 3rd-8th graders learned about Jesus’ teachings and the Golden Rule, the preschoolers about caregiving, and the infants and toddlers about shapes.

In the 3rd-8th grade classroom, Larry gave context to last few months of Bible lessons by explaining the relationship between the Bible and Unitarian Universalism. Specifically, he explained how Unitarian Universalism has a Judeo-Christian heritage and Unitarians have been influenced by Jesus’ ethics and teachings. We UUs embody the Golden Rule! Then they looked closely at a Unitarian Universalist hymn, Wake, Now, My Senses. They explored each verse’s meaning and then explored their own senses by going outside barefoot.

In the K-2nd grade classroom, Molly talked to the kids about Jesus’ teachings and the concept of the Golden Rule. Then they made “Golden Rule” boxes by pouring plaster into small boxes and inscribing either “peace” or “love” in them. What an awesome reminder to love thy neighbor, friend, family member, etc!

In the pre-K classroom, the preschoolers talked about not feeling well and what they do make themselves feel better. Then they took care of their hurt teddy bear friends. Sandy showed them where we keep the first aid kit in the kitchen. They each took a band-aid and then “healed” their teddy bear friends. We’re all a little better off now that Kaia, Rose, and Owen know where the first aid kit is!

In the nursery, the infants and toddlers learned about shapes. Then they went for a walk outside to find their favorite shapes in nature. When they came back inside they drew their favorite shapes (Rylee loves circles and Maia triangles) and played with toys.

If you would like to extend these lessons at home, here are some suggestions: for K-2nd and 3rd-8th graders explore Jesus’ lesson to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How do we carry that out when faced with competition, a sibling hitting us, or a seemingly unfair punishment? For preschoolers, show them where you keep your first aid supplies at home and talk about how you make each other feel better when you’re not feeling well. For infants and toddlers, make shapes out of paper or cardboard and then go around your house trying to find as many circles, squares, and triangles as you can.

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