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Friday was Parents’ Night Out. Christy, Larry and I got the privilege of hanging out with a great bunch of kiddos. Larry took a group up to the garden, where they worked on building forts. The great thing is they also learned a thing or two about nature, hard work, and team work! Burke found what he considered a prize stick (simply perfect for the cause) and asked for help. Conner, Nick, Indigo and William all came running to assist, instantly. They worked together to shift the stick to fit through the opening in the trees. For an hour our children worked together. Their communication and compromising skills were in use the whole time. Not once was there a snide remark or eye roll from the bunch.
Kaia was pretty much adorable! She said I could come with her through the woods so I could keep her safe! She also pointed out that one should not eat berries on the bushes OR the ground because we do not know if they are “eat-able”. As she and I were winding our way through the woods looking at snail shells, moss, and other bits of treasure, Kaia taught me about fort building, what to do if we got lost, and what kind of shoes one should where when in the woods. We did not get lost, for she had the foresight to make us a map prior to our adventure!
The movie “Bed Knobs and Broomsticks” went over well. All ages loved it!! At first the kids were not sure…it starts off slow. But thanks to Larry, they kept the faith and interest in what was going on. My favorite was hearing Larry’s laughter right along with the kids’. We are so fortunate to have such a lovely, outgoing adult willing to get right in there and experience adventures with our kids! Just think of all they learn from having Larry as a role model!…
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