The Kitchen

Sunday, Sandy and Lily took the kids on a cooking adventure. All the kids gathered around the island in the fellowship kitchen.  Each child got a large mixing bowl and some kind of utensil…pastry cutter, egg beater, whisk, spoon, spatula etc.  The kids learned about salt and sugar, and were asked by Sandy (who managed to sneak in ALL kinds of great lessons) how to tell the difference between the two items.  It was decided that tasting them would clear it up, so each child had to guess and taste one or the other.  The faces on the children were priceless.  Sandy then brought it altogether as to how you can’t tell the difference between just looking at things.  Sandy discussed following rules (called recipes) when cooking, and each child got a bit of waffle mix in their bowl…then each child got some amount of milk in their bowl….and were to mix it.  Lily has a calmness about her the whole time, even when 15 children were clamoring over waffle mix!
Sandy then pointed out that some utensils were better than others for this job! You saw the little faces turn to the side as they thought about this! Next Sandy pointed out that some people had dough that was too runny and others had dough that was too dry…she asked what they thought they could do to solve this?? Why, work together, of course! (another sneaky lesson Sandy)…So each child took turns scraping their bowl into the one big bowl.  From powder to waffles each child had a role to play, even Rylee put mix on the waffle maker and all participated in eating the finished product!

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