Comfort with Uncertainty

Reverend Michael Nelson reflects, “Earnestness, this seriousness about everything in our lives … this goal oriented, we’re going to-do-it-attitude, is the world’s greatest killjoy.  There’s no sense of appreciation because we are so solemn about everything … A joyful mind is very open and relaxed.  So lighten up.”   These are a few words from our group exploring how to deal with uncertainty.  Pema Chodron also suggests that curiosity encourages cheering up.  Trying something different also livens things up.  After last Sunday’s service, Matt Campbell’s fresh baked bread and Cybil Perkin’s fresh veggies provided a cornucopia of pleasure–a sight that brought me and others a great deal of happiness.  And the taste, well that was exquisite!  Move out of your comfort zone, keep the heart and mind open to new discoveries!

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