UU Travelers… Global Tasting Tour

Sunday we had a delicious global tasting tour using our Fair Trade GeoBars as a jumping off point. The bars are made with rice from Thailand (so we had to taste rice), blueberries and honey from Chile (so we had to taste dried blueberries and honey), raisins from South Africa (so we had to taste raisins), sugar from Zambia (so we had to taste sugar), and chocolate from Ghana (so we had to taste chocolate). Plus, we talked about gardens and what it must have been like in the “old” days when there was no trading of commodities. (Just how DID people survive without chocolate?!)

Everyone liked rice (both cooked and puffed), honey, sugar, and chocolate. And most people liked blueberries and raisins (they were very similar), though not everyone. Combine it all together and the GeoBars were eaten up – and everyone asked for seconds of something.

Why not explore some new foods at home?





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