Journey Toward Wholeness

“An authentically anti-opressice, anti racist Unitarian Universalist faith will be equitable, pro-acitve, soul-transforming, phrophetic force for justice within our congregations and communities. This faith will be effective and accountable, both to itself and to oour communities, through transformative spirituality, justice seeking, witness, and action.”  This vision statement from the 1997 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly is meant to inspire congregations to become anti-racist multicultural institutions.

A phrophetic force for justice—wow, how that fills me with, hmm, what? Apprehension and hope…If  just words were enough to bring  justice and compassion into our world this fellowship would be busting at the seams with enthusiasm and activities building bridges to every sector of our society. What links inspirational messages and pleas to a world transformed by love in action?  Please send me your thoughts, your understanding of what it takes to fully accept this challenge and live out our promise.  Let me know what you’re thinking and what’s in your hearts.

Peace & Love,





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