Islam, Buddhism, and Thanksgiving

On the 17th…

The Nursery kids were plentiful! They read stories, played with toys and played with friends.

Pre-K kids added their own own puzzle pieces to the big jigsaw puzzle. Each puzzle piece has a drawing of a family and all the families make up the fellowship.

The K-2 class continued talking about Islam and read about fasting and dates.

The 3-6 class began a look at Buddhism. The kids each took turns reading the Buddha’s teachings including the three main beliefs, four noble truths, and the eight-fold path. We talked about how we might need to change our thoughts or daily lives to embrace these teachings. We also talked about Buddhist monastic traditions. This coming Sunday the 7-9 class will talk about Buddhist holidays and celebrations.

7-9 kids had a deeper discussion about Islam and their visit to the Manhattan Islamic Center.

We also had a great Family Fun event on Saturday…. it turned out to be an intimate Thanksgiving dinner with just 5 or 6 families. We all ate good food, played games, and got to know each other.

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