Inquiring Minds…

The 7-9 class listened to an “Inquiring Minds” podcast about “why there are atheists” – the neuroscience/psychology behind what makes people religious or non-religious. Discussion followed and some of it even came home!  Coming up: a section on Christianity with Larry Weaver.

The 3-6 grade students started a three-week unit on Catholicism. Molly reports, “We did basic concepts and vocabulary. One child realized that some distant cousins had done the sign of the cross last Thanksgiving! I read the prayers of the rosary and got some great questions. We made a UU version of the rosary. The kids chose a bell to represent which principle was most important to them and an off-colored bead to show which principle they found hardest to live out or understand. We learned a lot about each other!”

The K-2 class “read Buddha in the Garden, then adventured up the icy hill to collect pine cones, which we slathered with peanut butter to return to the birds. While we were outside, we saw a huge flock of migrating birds, and Kaia said ‘we’re going to make those birds happy!'” Coming up: More Buddhism and a story that takes a gentle look at one human being dealing with life’s choices and possibilities.

The Pre-K class began it’s “I Wonder…” unit and wondered a lot about stars. Everyone made a personal constellation. Coming up: wondering about the moon.

The Nursery kids practiced taking turns building and knocking down towers, read books, and had loads of giggly good fun.

Our Family Fun event was a little different… we met up at Meadowlark and made Valentines for the residents. Most of them were hand delivered by the kids. Thanks to everyone who participated!

We started our OWL class for the K-2 kids this month! (Next winter will be our 4-6 class.)

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