Busy April

April was a pretty busy month.

We started with a fun Parent’s Night Out (we all made fun table decorations for the Easter potluck) and had a great time marching in the Pride Parade.

On Sundays the K-2 and 7-9 classes joined together for lessons on the Pagan celebration of Ostara. The 3-6 class finished up its lessons on Islam, and the Pre-K class did a little wondering about shadows.  And as always, the Nursery was busy with several toddlers reading, playing, and sharing.

And then there was Easter. Lots of good food after the service and a fantabulous egg hunt!  (If you go up to the memorial garden in the next few weeks keep a look out for some missing eggs!)

We finished up with a new event… Parent’s Night – IN!  It was good social time.


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