Social Action

After listening to Marisa’s facts about the state of our global village during the story for all ages, we started a conversation in the RE room about “fixing what’s wrong”.  We came up with lots of problems including… climate change, poverty, hunger… And a few fixes including… recycle, contribute, volunteer… The end result was a decision to act. RE families are encouraged to save aluminum cans and bring them to the fellowship so we can watch them accumulate and take them to Howie’s. There’s a labeled box in the Jupiter Room to place your cans. Also, we’re going to collect little bits of change through Labor Day. Bring in your pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. We’re learning how just a little can grow into something bigger so even just a few pennies will be helpful. There will be collection cans in the Jupiter room and in the Nursery.  Our goal is to donate the money to someone in need.

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