I plan to retire in May of 2016 …

Kansas gay feather, those violet-purple spires, have begun to bloom on the roadside. Soon asters and goldenrod will shine across the prairie, summoning autumn. At our Fellowship Board retreat, which moved with gusto into the important issues that give our community forward momentum, I announced that I plan to retire in May of 2016. Normally, a minister shares this information when only a couple of months of their tenure remain. That approach feels wrong for me. It would not honor the relationship I have with this caring community. It would feel fraudulent.

My abiding hope is that we will continue to work together to build the bridges inside and outside our community that allow for a freer flow of people, ideas, creativity, and action that leaves people knowing that we are a bold model of love. Many ministers begin to leave before they are done. Their focus on what comes next causes them to be more neglectful of the ongoing needs of the congregation. I commit to give my best until my last day, to share and receive what promotes healthy growth.

I will count on collaboration with all of you to help lead the way.

With love,


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