The wonder of seeing all the candles …

candles 2015The wonder of seeing all the candles shining in the darkness at our Christmas Eve service will lift me into this New Year with gratitude for the goodness that shines out from the life of our Fellowship. My mother felt that the service was “homey” and was pleased to feel at home–inspired and glad. She carries the glow of all the gathered candles in her heart. This helps her to feel less isolated from the human family. Her increasing frailty sometimes makes her less able to maintain and build new connections with society. Experiencing wonder links the old and the young.

The magic of fire, how it illuminates the primal, brings us inside the sun. Once inside, I can feel the warmth of love radiate out. This is what makes us go round and round. The orbit of our individual lives that from some magnificent perspective, becomes inseparable from all the other lives. Essential truth sparks and we can see the trajectory of human history. Here we are, each of us an integral part of the mystery and all those who seek specific, broad and profound understanding of what it means to be here. This is how magic works. It lets you see, without necessarily seeing all the dots, how the little connections are part of infinity. You feel it in these small and glorious moments.

In the New Year, may we have many visionary moments when the world makes sense and we can see how we are a part of the whole. May this coherence bring us the courage we need to build the bridges across the rivers of indifference; the indifference that makes oppression, violence, and racial injustice so prevalent in our society. May it also bring the laughter we need to keep our spirits fresh and vital. May there be many moments of play to help us remember what it means to be fully human.

May this be a daring and adventurous year for the Fellowship. May there be plenty of peace to help us to appreciate the quiet moments when awe has a chance to amaze. Let us amaze one another!

Happy New Year!


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