UU Book of Stories

The K-2 class had a great time on Sunday creating stories for a UU Book of Stories. One student would start the story and then new ideas were introduced by another student, and on and on. Each color represents a different person adding to the story.  Do you recognize any of the seven principles?

Once upon a time there was a family of cats: a mom, a dad, and two girl kittens Lilac and Rose. Nearby lived a mean dog, but the kittens were always kind to the dog even though it was always mean. One day the mom kitty had a baby and the kittens were very kind to the new kitten. They named the new kitten Tulip. It was a loving family.


Once upon a time there was a family with a mom and two children. The children were named Mia and Anchou and they were brothers who loved to wrestle with each other. The family lived in a small wooden cottage in the forest. One day the brothers were outside wrestling when they went to the end of the forest and found a barn where the mean ogre lived. The mean ogre chased the brothers all the way back to their wooden cottage and the brothers invited the ogre inside to sit on the couch and play video games. The boys and the ogre became friends and hung out together every week.


Once upon a time there was a family with 10 children. They lived near a river and on the other side of the river there were two horrible creatures: a nine-headed hydra and a 3-headed dog. The 10 children didn’t believe their mother when she told them about the horrible creatures so they decided to search for the truth themselves. They ran to the river and found the most dangerous part where the waters were raging. All 10 children lined the bank and one called out to the creatures, “Show yourselves!” And another child cupped his hands and shouted, “Creatures, we don’t believe you’re real!” And soon all 10 children were shouting at the creatures. Suddenly the nine-headed hydra jumped out of the water and ate nine of the children in one big gulp. The remaining and oldest child ran back to the house and told his mother all about what happened.  And the mother said, “Perhaps you believe me now. Now eat your supper and go to bed.” And he did.

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