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Here are the details which the 7th grade and Up class discussed (and discussed some more and discussed some more) about the forming of the Michael Servetus Academy. OPTIONAL was a huge theme in our discussions with students wanting to offer choice in most situations. Choice in activity participation, choice in electives, choice in dining, choice in lodging. But there was a lot of agreement regarding that the basic structure a school should take. In the end we agreed that nothing we’d planned should conflict with the seven principles and much supported them! (Talk to your kids about these details and how our discussions went.) If desired, you can download the details as a PDF michael-servetus-academy-1
– Molly

Michael Servetus Academy
A Unitarian Universalist School

General administration
Boarding school with many room options (dormitory, private, pets, no pets, etc.) – 12-month boarding will be offered particularly for students in need, summer enrichment camps will be offered for these students with others welcome to attend
Parents allowed to visit once or twice per semester
Classes will be mandatory and will be offered on a traditional academic calendar
Classes will open each day with the pledge of allegiance (sans 1954 “under God” addition and optional if students do not wish to participate)
Athletics will be offered and teams will participate in local leagues
An array of dining options will be available which include options for vegetarian and vegan diets
Teachers will be professionals with credentials
School administrators will be elected from the teaching ranks by fellow teachers, student government and the school governing board
The student government will have significant input in decision-making
Evenings and weekends will be filled with enrichment opportunities and physical activity

Core classes
Time will be allowed each day for prayer/meditation.
Time will be allowed each day for work on interpersonal communication/discussion skills.
Subject area core classes:

  • Social studies
  • Health/Our Whole Lives
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language arts

At the junior high level core classes will cover basics. At the senior high level core classes will be more specific and class selection will be offered.
The Servetus Academy does not track students as college preparatory or offer themed instruction.

Many electives will be offered and will change based on student interest. Examples include:
Band, Choir, Orchestra, Design, Architectural design, Art, Sculpture, Photography, Drama, Creative writing, Modern languages, Video production, Film, Debate, Technology, Coding, Culinary, Business, Martial arts, Dance, Gymnastics, etc.

Student Assessment
Students will be assessed on meeting learning outcomes for courses.
Grades will be based on graded assignments, exams, and teacher perceptions of reaching learning objectives.
The Servetus Academy will participate in state testing but it will not be a focus at the school nor will it relate results directly to individual students. Results will be used only as one element of measure for overall learning.

School Assessment
The Servetus Academy will be assessed on:

  • Sanitation/Hygiene and Facilities Maintenance
  • Comfort/Climate for Students
  • Teacher Satisfaction
  • Breadth of Curriculum
  • Quality of Instruction
  • Graduation Rates

Traditional measures of student outcomes pre- and post-graduation will be used with caution. While ACT/SAT standardized test scores and entrance into college are one indication of success, other measures should be employed. Students will be surveyed before graduation. Graduates will be surveyed annually after graduation. Graduates will be asked about their happiness, their connections with others, and their contributions to their communities.

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