Beatitudes for Today

Rev Jonalu Johnstone offers a summary of Beatitudes for Today, drawn from her reflections on Sunday, June 17:

  • Blessed are black lives because they matter.
  • Blessed are indigenous people because their connection to the earth leads us to redemption from our environmental sins.
  • Blessed are queer people because they celebrate their pride and build their own families.
  • Blessed are survivors of sexual assault and harassment because they are believed.
  • Blessed are refugees because their families will be restored.
  • Blessed are immigrants because they recognize and value home.
  • Blessed are survivors of mass shootings and street violence because they know the value of life.
  • Blessed are the indebted because they will be made whole.
  • Blessed are the imprisoned because they understand liberation.
  • Blessed are the restaurant workers and cashiers and farmworkers and hotel maids and childcare workers because without them, the world as we know it would stop.
  • Blessed are they who are persecuted, monitored, arrested and abused for the sake of justice because they will be honored like the prophets who came before them.

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