Jonalu’s Journal — June 2019

What does UUFM mean to you?

Here are some possible answers (no one of these will be true for everyone, but each is true for someone):

  • Place of inspiration and learning about myself and the world
  • Place where my children feel comfortable playing and making friends
  • Sense of knowing others and being known
  • Opportunity to share my gifts and talents
  • Others to help multiply my efforts at charity through Helping Hands and Happy Kitchen
  • Inspiration of beautiful music
  • Social media presence helps me feel connected even when I’m not there
  • Network of companions who will offer support in a time of need
  • An assurance to my children that our family’s values are shared
  • My closest friends are here.
  • Connection to social justice change in Manhattan and Kansas
  • High quality, age-appropriate sexuality education (OWL)

For a few weeks in May and June, we are hearing from different people as part of our Sunday morning service about what UUFM means to them and their families. Members have told me that if there were no Unitarian Universalist presence here, they would need to create it. Our members find community, support, inspiration, and education for themselves and their children. More than that, the larger community of Manhattan and surroundings needs our voice to remind everyone of the values of reason, freedom, acceptance and diversity.

We know the worth of this organization, this voluntary group gathered around a single purpose – to promote and nurture our UU principles. And like anything of worth, we have to support it if it is able to continue. One of our goals in the Developmental Ministry program is to support full-time ministry. Several years ago, members decided that full-time ministry was a goal worth pursuing. However, UUFM has not yet made that financially sustainable. Our budget continues to rely too greatly on our reserves, especially if we want to consider other options for space.

Here’s the challenge then. Return to the question that begins this column: What does UUFM mean to you?

Whatever your reason for staying connected with UUFM, I hope you will think seriously about the support you offer the congregation in time, talent and treasure.


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