Audio Archive, Feb. 21 – Vision Series: Vibrant, Open and Inspirational

Continuing our exploration of the UUFM Vision Statement, Jonalu reflects, “It’s easy to slip into rote behaviors and habitual actions, much harder to be open to what may come and thrive on the energy created, whatever it may be. How do we reflect these adjectives in our vision statement? Do we feel energy here? Are we open to new ideas and new ways of […]

Audio Archive, Feb. 14 – Vision Series: An Incubator for the Next Generation

This is the second in a series of reflections arising from the words of the Fellowship’s vision statement. Rev. Jonalu Johnstone asks, “What values do we wish to see embodied in the next generation? How do we teach these values? What preparations will our children and grandchildren need to live in their particular place in the global village?” Our convener is Jessica Sievers.

UUFM Vision and Mission


UUFM Vision Statement – adopted June 10, 2013

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan, rooted in living tradition, embraces diversity in all its forms as it expands our thinking and our sense of community.

We are:

A safe haven for spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth through honest self-examination, provocative dialogue, enriching experiences, and ever-deepening connections …

An incubator for the […]


Fellowship member and UUFM Executive Board Chair-elect Scott Tanona shares some reflections on a UUFM Vision Statement …

Should we have an official “vision statement” for the Fellowship? It might help us to be mindful while making decisions. Yes, we already have a mission statement. But vision is not mission. A mission statement focuses on who we are now and what we do now. A […]

Audio Archive, May 1 – Neighboring Faiths

This year, our oldest youth have been visiting other religious communities and talking with individuals of many faiths. We use the UU seven principles, UUFM Vision Statement, and virtue ethics we studied last year to articulate what we have learned so far. Through this process, our teens are identifying their own moral standards and practicing complex perspective taking. Molly McGaughey is this morning’s convener.

Strategic. Planning. Committee.

Strategic. Planning. Committee.

Three words that people may find it hard to get excited about. Yet they’re very important to our future. We have an outstanding group of people looking at where we’ve been, where we are, and how we need to move to become the best UU Felllowship we can be.

Strategic planning requires an ability to set large goals and the interim goals […]

Journey Toward Wholeness

“An authentically anti-opressice, anti racist Unitarian Universalist faith will be equitable, pro-acitve, soul-transforming, phrophetic force for justice within our congregations and communities. This faith will be effective and accountable, both to itself and to oour communities, through transformative spirituality, justice seeking, witness, and action.” This vision statement from the 1997 Unitarian Universalist General Assembly is meant to inspire congregations to become anti-racist multicultural institutions.

A […]

Grasshoppers are a real problem

Grasshoppers are a real problem for the country gardener. Munch, munch, munch they eat eight times as fast in proportion to their weight as cattle do in the Flint Hills. And a bazillion of them chomp down on the corn, chard, kale, eggplant, beans. Fall signals the females to deposit their egg pods into the soil. The male is about half the size of the […]

UUFM Documents

Help for Conveners Conveners’ information and Sound System Instructions UUFM Vision and Mission Statements UUFM Vision Statement, developed through discussion and consensus at a Vision workshop held in June 2013. UUFM Mission Statement, developed in 2009. UUFM History The First Forty Years – compiled by E Brock Dale and Charley Kempthorne May 2008 – Click on This, an essay by former UUFM historian Charley Kempthorne […]

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UUFM is a liberal religious community committed to open discussion, spiritual exploration, and social justice. In this fellowship theists, atheists, and agnostics alike gather to explore worldviews, develop friendships, renew spirits, and work for change.

Our Vision Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan, rooted in living tradition, embraces diversity […]