Date/Time Event
2:00 pm -3:30 pm Singers Rehearse   UUFM, Manhattan KS

The Choir meets to rehearse before the Sunday service.  Learn more about all musical opportunities at UUFM from Music Director Renea Brown at

3:45 pm -5:00 pm Sunday Service   UUFM, Manhattan KS

Don’t Ask!

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  Curiosity sometimes leads us places that are troublesome.  How do we determine the motivations behind our curiosity and whether our questions are reasonable?  How do we distinguish between nosiness or intrusiveness and honest curiosity?  What are the best ways to be curious about ourselves, one another, and our world, and what do we need to avoid?  Our convener is Rob Morrison at

5:00 pm -8:00 pm Interfaith Potluck   Soujourner Truth Park, Manhattan KS

The Manhattan Mennonite Church hosts an Interfaith Potluck meal on Sunday, May 19, from noon to 3 pm, at Sojourner Truth Park, 1112 Pottawatomie Street, in Manhattan.  Bring a dish to share (please mark NON-KOSHER foods).  Drinks, tableware, and seating will be provided.  Learn more from


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