Date/Time Event
2:30 pm -3:30 pm Themes in UU History and Theology   UUFM, Manhattan KS

Just War, Pacifism, and Peace-Making

Different theories of peace-making lead to different reactions to war.  How have Unitarians, Universalists, and UU’s engaged, and what does that mean for us as we search for peace in our time?  All are invited to attend.  Learn more from Jonalu Johnstone at

3:45 pm -5:00 pm Sunday Service   UUFM, Manhattan KS

Fear Not?

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  The word “awe” evokes power and fear, as well as admiration and reverence.  Over and over in the Bible, angels intone, “Fear not!”  They know that people’s reactions to unexpected wonder are often tinged with fear.  Ought we to fear?  Should awe paralyze us?  How do we move forward in the face of wonder?  Our convener is Elke Lorenz at

5:15 pm -7:00 pm Craft and Bake Sale   UUFM, Manhattan KS

Join us for the annual UUFM Craft and Bake Sale, following our Sunday service, featuring fabulous handcrafted gifts and scrumptious treats, for all your holiday festivities.  Artisans, fabric crafters, photographers, and bakers, start thinking about what you can make or bake, or ways you can help with this important Fellowship fundraiser.  Tell your friends!  Don’t miss the fabulous, handcrafted quilts, currently on display in the hall next to the nursery.  Bid sheets are posted next to the quilts, and the winning bids will be announced following the sale.  Learn more from Betty Banner at

9:00 pm -10:30 pm Racial Justice Team mtg   UUFM, Manhattan KS

UUFM members and friends gather to grow our understanding, and plan effective action on racial justice issues.  Join Rev Jonalu Johnstone and our Racial Justice team on the first Sunday afternoon of each month, at 4 pm, at the Fellowship.  Learn more from Jonalu at


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