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5 Feb 2017
12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Originally scheduled on December 18, this meeting has been rescheduled on Sunday, February 5, following the Sunday service, to discuss and vote upon a resolution regarding ending the use of Native American mascots in our community schools.  This issue is not new, but has been the focus of dedicated work by the ReImageMHK group and is currently under consideration by the School Board.  Many UUFM members and Rev Johnstone have been active in the movement to change the mascot, which is currently an “Indian.”  In November, ReImageMHK approached Rev Jonalu Johnstone to ask if the Fellowship would publicly support changing the MHS mascot.  In accordance with our Bylaws, the congregation must first discuss and vote on whether UUFM should issue a public statement of support. To learn more about the ReImageMHK movement, and for more resources about the use of Native American people as mascots, visit

The resolution to be considered:

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan (UUFM) stands with ReImageMHK to support removing Native American (“Indian”) mascots from our community schools.  UUFM feels the evidence that such mascots harm youth, including the documented fact that they lead our youth to hold over-simplified and erroneous ideas about present day native people, present a moral dilemma that can only be resolved by phasing out the use of Native American mascots in our community’s schools.  UUFM understands that this transition may take time, but nonetheless asserts that the decision must be made, now, to end the use of Native American mascots in our community schools.

Please contact Jonalu at, or Katie Kingery-Page (immediate Past Board Chair), at, with any questions or concerns.

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