20 Sep 2019
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Our Fellowship has been considering the purchase of a different building.  Though several questions and concerns about that remain, one stands out.  How would we pay for it–both in terms of purchase and on-going expenses?  To help us address these questions, our Board has invited a consultant to help us in financial planning.   Barry Finkelstein will spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 20 thru 22, with us to conduct a Next Steps Weekend program.  Barry meets with staff on Friday evening, September 20.  Members and friends are urged to join us on Saturday, September 21, from 2 to 3:15 pm, for an interactive sharing session at the Fellowship.  Barry will sum up his weekend findings during an open session following the service on Sunday, September 22.

He hopes to accomplish three goals during the visit:  1) gather enough information to gain a clear sense of who we are and where we would like to go;  2) generate specific observations and recommendations to help us on our journey;  and 3) explain how the Stewardship for Us Team can offer guidance and coaching as we move into the future.  Barry will meet with congregational leaders on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Saturday afternoon, he’ll conduct an open workshop for everyone.  On Sunday, he will hold an open forum to share his observations and recommendations.  These sessions will be engaging, energetic, and informative.  We‘ll provide snacks and childcare will be available.  We encourage all to attend.  Learn more from Jonalu Johnstone at revjonalu@uufm.net.

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