Pastoral Care

Cycles of Compassion

Our community helps its members and friends in more ways than be counted.  The Caring Committee, chaired by Linda Kroeger (, helps to extend care whenever we are able, where it is needed.  Please let us know if you find yourself in a life crisis or need help. Helping others is a core value of our community!

If you are new to this community and the northern Flint Hills we will do what we can to help you find what you need.  We’ve helped people find housing, the best places to find locally grown food, a good baby sitter … whatever it is, it is likely that someone  connected to our Fellowship will be able to help.  Just ask!

The minister is available to provide a range of pastoral services. The following are a few examples.

1. Weddings
2. Memorial Services
3. Services of Union
4. Child Dedications
5. Pastoral visits and counseling
6. Spiritual and life direction guidance

Please contact Rev Jonalu Johnstone with any concerns, questions or requests you may have at 785 537-2349 or  Feel welcome to visit during office hours or at other times.  Please arrange a visit before hand to avoid scheduling conflicts.