Support for the Dreamers

This is the letter I sent to The Mercury, on behalf of Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice (MAPJ) on September 8. It remains relevant.

To the Editor:

I went to the Wednesday protest at Bosco Plaza of President Trump’s rescission of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We heard so many dreams in that circle of college students, dreams that could be easily dashed. […]

Audio Archive, Sept. 17 — Welcome in the Universe

Some traditions frame the universe as over and against humanity. Another way of looking at the world is welcoming us as a natural part of the universe, working in harmony with nature. How can we feel at home in the cosmos? Rev. Jonalu Johnstone is our speaker. Our convener is Dave Lambert.

Audio Archive, Sept. 10 — Musicale XVI

This morning’s service is our Sixteenth Musicale. Our convener is Jonalu Johnstone.

Welcome Back Party

Welcome back to everyone! We hope you enjoyed your summer adventures! We celebrated our return with a party and started with our favorite, “pin the flame on the chalice”. The bounce house was tons of fun, and we worked up such a sweat that everyone was begging to be in the sponge toss and have the sponges tossed directly at them – the wetter the […]

Audio Archive, Sept. 3 — How Wide Our Welcome?

This Labor Day, we consider the spiritual, physical and community work of welcome. How well do we welcome workers of all kinds? All sorts of life experiences? Do our values match our efforts? Rev. Jonalu Johnstone is our speaker. Our convener is Shannon Skelton.

Tour of England’s Lake District

Many thanks to Rev. Jonalu Johnstone for taking us on a tour of the Lake District in England. She even arranged to have Sunday’s weather match the typical weather in the Lake District! We learned a lot about Lake District resident Beatrix Potter and read some of her books. We also got to taste gingerbread. The morning finished up with the creation of a large […]

Jonalu’s Journal – September 2017

Welcome seems such a simple thing, but when you reflect on it, so many factors–large and small–go into it.

I hope my welcome to all of you–long-time members, new folks, and even those of you who have never stepped into this space–feels genuine and warm. I know that not everyone is cut out to be a Unitarian Universalist–it’s a path of resistance to many cultural […]

Tour of Essential Oils

Many thanks to Enell Foerster for sharing her knowledge about essential oils. We learned where many of the plants grow and got to smell as well as taste! Lavender was a popular one as well as lemon grass. Peppermint and spearmint aromas were accompanied with peppermint and spearmint candies. Citrus oils were accompanied by tastes of lemons and oranges. The entire hallway smelled of […]

September 2017

THANKS What a fun summer. We “traveled” to St. Louis, Washington DC, New York, Italy, England, the Wyoming back country, and the International Space Station. We learned about essential oils, maps, and tried our hands at disc golf. We even squeezed in a canoe trip to Pillsbury Crossing and a visit to the Woolly Bee Farm.

Many, many thanks to all our summer tour guides: […]

Tour of Woolly Bee Farm

We went to the farm! Jen and June showed us all around their Woolly Bee Farm. We fed sheep and rummaged through the garden. We had yummy watermelon and got to spit the seeds to see how far they’d go! The trip back was even fun as we sang songs from our pre-school days all the way home. Thank you Matt & Jen Campbell […]