Jonalu’s Journal – April 2018

What might UUFM emerge into?

The world of religion today is different from the world many of us grew up with. Church–or any religious institution–feels optional to most people. More and more people define themselves as “spiritual but not religious,” or as “nones,” having no particular affiliation. A lot of people find themselves moving from one religious group to another, sometimes in very wide jumps–Methodist […]

Bird Houses

We teamed up and made some lovely birdhouses!

Thank you Dan and Kathy!

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Proud builders!

Dan demonstrates a difficult maneuver

Kathy and Cade get to work

Burke and Violet repair a wayward nail

Molly and Jake discuss the next step

Noah is NOT hit in the head by Holden

Nick […]

Audio Archive, Mar. 25 — Balance of the Seasons: Living through Storms

With spring in our part of the country come storms. Though we may have reached a balance of light and darkness, the changes in atmosphere and temperature produce clashes that seem to defy balance. So it is in our lives. We often feel like we’re trying to reach balance in the midst of driving wind and pounding rain. Our convener is Rob Morrison.

April 2018


Sunday, April 1 – Easter

Join us following the Sunday morning service on April 1, for the Fellowship’s annual Easter Potluck Brunch, and Easter Egg Hunt. Kids are invited to eat first and then gather in the Jupiter room for the start of egg hunting at about 12:15. If you’ve never seen the egg hunt – we do things a […]

Audio Archive, Mar. 18 — Being Hear: A Beat, a Bishop and a Buddist

This morning, we welcome Bernard Norcott-Mahany, from Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church (SMUUCh), as we continue our popular Kansas Pulpit Exchange series. Our convener is Katie Kingery-Page.

Audio Archive, Mar. 11 — Balancing the Demans of Justice

On the second Sunday of every month, our offering goes to a group in the community that lives out our ideals. That’s just one of the ways that we work in our lives to make a difference in the world. How do we balance the demands of justice with everything else that life throws our way? How do we create the just and compassionate […]


We had a joyous time making pinwheels / weather vanes. Chasing the wind was even more delightful!

Thank you Dan and Kathy!

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Audio Archive, Mar. 4 — Lessons from Tai Chi: The Difference Between Balance and Stability

Tai Chi concerns itself with many physical objectives: relaxation, breathing, precise movement, interaction between mind, body and spirit. Perhaps nothing more defines it, though, than the practice of balance. Jonalu’s more than twenty years’ practice of Tai Chi has brought a variety of insights about balance that apply beyond the physical body. Mark Moser assists with the Tai Chi demonstrations. Our convener is Chris […]

Jonalu’s Journal – March 2018

Throughout March, Christians are celebrating Lent, a season that most UU’s are not very clued in to. We struggle enough with how to celebrate Easter, with its incredible central story of resurrection. What are we to do with Lent, a time of preparation for Easter that features self-denial, repentance and introspection?

Facebook reports to me that I have UU friends who are giving something up […]

March 2018


Our Whole Lives is in full swing. OWL 7-9 started in January and the group of 13 teenagers is very lively and engaged. They meet in the Jupiter room every Sunday from 12:30-3:00. Thanks for giving them their privacy and using a different door to exit the building. OWL K-2 starts February 3 and then runs every Sunday from about 12:30-1:30, […]