Renewing Our Mission: What Are We Doing Here?

Reverend Jonalu Johnstone leads this service.  The pressures of an epidemic, economic breakdown, and the confrontation of racial injustice force us to re-look at our purpose.  What is the reason for religious congregations in these times?  Especially, what is the reason for the Unitarian Universalist … read more.

The End of Autorenewals

Reverend Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “Do you have any magazines on autorenewal?  You keep getting them, and they keep billing you, year after year.  Maybe that’s fine for magazines, but not for our spiritual lives.  As we move into the sixth month of pandemic and not … read more.

The Green New Deal and Beyond

Stan Cox, Research Fellow in Ecosphere Studies at The Land Institute, in Salina, Kansas, discusses the issues raised in his most recent book, The Green New Deal and Beyond:  Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can (City Lights, 2020).  The “New Deal” part of … read more.