Our youth education program is dedicated to giving children a chance to explore religion and spirituality with open minds, to enact social justice aims with helping hands, and to form close connections with their peers and teachers through warm hearts.  Classes are inviting, exploratory, and diverse.

During the school year we offer organized Sunday morning religious education experiences and regular social activities for newborns through 12th graders. The RE year is divided into quarters. First quarter focuses on Unitarian Universalism and its seven principles. Second quarter focuses on the rich Jewish and Christian heritage of Unitarian Universalism. Third quarter focuses on world religions and frequently involves guest speakers and field trips to other places of worship. Fourth quarter is our summer “UU World Travelers” program. Additionally, UUFM uses monthly themes. These themes give focus to the entire congregation.


All children need to be registered each year.

Please complete the registration form here: RE Registration Form


Class Meeting Times and Places

Youth Education classes meet during the adult service. The nursery is open at 10:30 and remains open until the service ends. All other classes begin after the children have been dismissed from the adult service (this is usually after the Story for All Ages) and conclude at 12:00 noon.

The classes meet in the fellowship building, gathering all together at first, and then dividing into age groups – each with its own space. Please see the doors for age group markers as they may change per year depending on class size.


Our Classes and Lead Teachers

Nursery for 0-3 years old: In the nursery we combine structured time with free play. Each week, class begins with an introductory welcome song. Then the children listen to a story and do an activity related to the theme of the week. Themes range from colors and numbers to holidays and special celebrations. Afterwards, they sing, dance, and tell nursery rhymes. The class concludes with free play. Of course, with babies and toddlers, structured time is not always completely structured, and free play is always allowed!

Pre-K & Kindergarten: The Pre-K & K class uses Chalice Children  and Celebrating Me and My World.  Each lesson involves sharing time, a story, an activity, and snack/reflection time. The goal of these classes is to introduce children to more formal lessons while revealing the basic principles and values of Unitarian Universalism.

1st-3rd Grade: The 1st-3rd class uses three different curricula. Each is fun, friendly and concise with teachable moments that introduce topics through popular children’s books. Picture Book Unitarian Universalism, Picture Book Bible Stories, and Picture Book World Religions are all written by well-known UU educator Kate Tweedie Covey. The goals of these classes are to inspire exploration, questioning, social action, and appreciation for ourselves and others.

4th-6th Grade: Building from the picture book curriculum, 4th-6th graders use Spirit of Adventure and Lodestone. The goals of these classes are to further their understanding of religion and to help them form their own sense of spirituality.

7th-12th Grades: The “teen” class uses Virtue Ethics, Neighboring Faiths, and a homegrown curriculum called Pop Culture meets Miss Manners: learning from social convention. High school juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate in the Transitions curriculum to become more active in adult programming as they begin the path to young adulthood.


Social Action

Two or three times a year the students assist in collecting non-perishable food items for the Flint Hills Breadbasket, a local food pantry. Students have also collected aluminum cans and used the funds to make donations to various agencies. During the summer months there are a variety of opportunities to help at local community meals. For more information contact Director of Religious Education Sandy Nelson.


Social Activities 

In addition to lessons and social justice, our youth like to have fun together. We provide many opportunities for this.

Family Fun Event:  Once a month, we plan an activity for the whole family. Past events include camping out, pizza and fun at the Splash Park, bowling at KSU’s bowling alley, an ice cream social, a Thanksgiving potluck, and a Christmas cookie swap.

AWed Dinner:  On the first Wednesday of each month, Fellowship members and friends are invited to a potluck dinner, beginning at 6 pm.  Following dinner, scheduled committee meetings gather around the Fellowship building.  Those not attending meetings are encouraged to socialize in the Inez Alsop room.

Teen Lunch: On the third Sunday of the month teens (7th – 12th grade) gather after the service for lunch either at the fellowship or off site.

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