Just because our classes end at 12 pm on Sundays, does not mean the religious education of your child has to end then. Continue RE at your home. Here are some ways how:

  1. Spend Sunday lunch and/or dinner talking about what your child learned that day in class and sharing what you talked about in the adult program.
  2. Every day at breakfast or dinner bring up a current event (preferably social justice related) and ask your child’s opinions toward it. Listen to your child’s views and then help him/her connect those opinions to UU values and the 7 principles.
  3. Shop at the local Farmers’ Market on Saturdays or Wednesdays or take your child to People’s Grocery to eat more locally.
  4. When you’re in the car, bring up a moral dilemma and ask your child to think through it. This activity works especially well for long car rides or while waiting with one child while another finishes a practice or rehearsal. Some examples are: “You see your friend steal a piece of candy from another student’s desk. Do you tell that student and risk your friendship or stay quiet?” “You were talking when you weren’t supposed to, but your teacher thinks it was someone else and makes that person stay inside for recess. Do you correct her perception or stay quiet so you can play?”
  5. Get involved with a charity and donate time/effort/goods together as a family. It can be especially meaningful for a child to give beloved toys or clothes they have outgrown to a charity (or better, a specific family) instead of throwing them away. Or, take a Friday morning and volunteer at Happy Kitchen. Our Social Action committee can give you all of the details.
  6. Participate in local rallies, workshops, clean-ups, etc.
Need more ideas? Visit the Church of the Larger Fellowship at http://clfuu.org/welcome for monthly religious education activities to do with your child.

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