Love is our source and our destination–our call and our response.

“Love is our source and our destination–our call and our response.”

— Rev. Dr. Rebecca Ann Parker

“In Unitarian Universalism, we have a legacy of ‘deeds not creeds.’ Our work for a better world calls us to unexpected places as we harness love’s power to stop oppression. From grassroots community organizing to interfaith Washington advocacy, in protest marches, prayer vigils, and press conferences, in homeless […]

As each state affirms the right for same sex couples to marry I rejoice

The Rev Peter Morales, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), issued the following statement applauding the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Jersey:

“Today, New Jersey becomes the 14th state to allow marriage equality ensuring equal rights for its citizens. It is a historic day and a victory for all who support justice and equality.

“Many couples who have waited so long for […]

Grasshoppers are a real problem

Grasshoppers are a real problem for the country gardener. Munch, munch, munch they eat eight times as fast in proportion to their weight as cattle do in the Flint Hills. And a bazillion of them chomp down on the corn, chard, kale, eggplant, beans. Fall signals the females to deposit their egg pods into the soil. The male is about half the size of the […]

All I really know is that I don’t know

In a recent interview with the film star Greta Gerwig, who grew up in the Sacramento UU Church, she said, “I think I keep returning to a UU Church again and again because it resonates with something deep inside of me that feels that all I really know is that I don’t know … (it is) the best place for me to experience the fullness […]

Thinking about privilege

I’ve been thinking about privilege.

Anna, my cousin, who works in Chicago’s inner city school system, said that over two thousand teachers and aides were fired this year. As a specialist, her job, funded by a grant, was on the chopping block. She just learned that her principal found the money to keep her; a valued teacher devoted to the welfare of the African-American kids […]


The Public Witness at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (our annual international gathering) in Louisville, Kentucky, focused on Environmental Justice. Preceding our march to the Ohio River we gathered in a worship service lead by the Kentucky/West Virginia Ministers Coalition; featuring Wendell Berry, Tim DeChristopher, Rev Cynthia Cain, and Rev Mel Hoover.

We did this for Earth, our communities and our future generations. It is […]

Look into the lens of deep space…

Look into the lens of deep space, a cosmos intent on increase. Let forty million galaxies come into focus. Rivers of fire, the orbit of release, how this life moves round, one to the next and the many turns one.

What’s visible and can’t be seen, never separate. No line divides the mystery from the known. A call at the core of our existence seeks […]

Begin with the earth that sustains us…

Anyone looking for the holy land might best begin with the earth that sustains us …

Rev Forrest Church, UU Minister

The holy holds you in stillness, calms all the mental chatter, the anxieties and fears that press. It focuses the power, mystery and beauty of the universe. It connects you brilliantly to the interdependent web of all existence. If for only a moment you […]

Let’s try an experiment.

Let’s try an experiment. Make a list of what brings you joy/ fun. Without too much thinking jot down what opens you to joy and leads to fun. 1) The birds at the feeder, morning, noon and dusk. 2) Chuck whistling. 3) Poppy running full speed over the hills. 4) Norah (my 5-month-old grand niece) laughing. 4) Hearing the UUFM choir sing. 5) The first […]

Mrs. Berry

When I was 3 we moved from Lindsborg, Kansas, to the NW edge of Chicago. Working farms were within a mile of our house. Mrs. Berry lived across the dirt road and lived on what remained of her small farm. She had chickens, ducks and geese. As the roads were paved, more houses sprung up and the farm of my friend’s family, Brock, was sold […]