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Jonalu’s Journal — October 2019

I’m continually amazed at who feels they belong and who feels they don’t belong.  Not because of any particular qualities of either group, but because feelings of belonging seem so unpredictable.  This can be especially pronounced in a congregational setting because of our … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — September 2019

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus has often been quoted as saying, “Change alone is unchanging.”  That is, life is permanently in flux.  As we enter this month of considering our expectations, we need to remember the permanence of change.  Sometimes, we go along as if everything … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — August 2019

Almost every week, I see something that reminds me that religious affiliation in the US is consistently and rapidly dropping.  Nearly as many people identify as unaffiliated (22.8%) as Evangelical Protestant (25.4%), the largest group.  Most who identify as “nones,” that is, having no religious … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — July 2019

This year’s UU General Assembly proclaimed and explored “the Power of We.”  Each year we gather as representatives of congregations to shape the work of our Unitarian Universalist Association.  This year, we took a step back to consider a larger perspective.  Who are we together? … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — June 2019

What does UUFM mean to you?

Here are some possible answers (no one of these will be true for everyone, but each is true for someone):

Place of inspiration and learning about myself and the world
Place where my children feel comfortable playing and making friends
Sense of knowing … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — May 2019

On May 5, 1819, two hundred years ago, William Ellery Channing delivered an hour and a half long sermon on the Biblical text, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”  The sermon did more than focus on the role of reason in religion, … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — April 2019

In February, our theme was trust.  Have you noticed how the themes move into one another?  We went from trust, to journey in March and to wholeness for this month.  We need trust to make the journey.  We need to journey to reach wholeness.  As … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — March 2019

In the last year, UUFM has had a sudden uptick in membership.  Currently, more than a quarter of our membership is new in the last year.  That’s a tremendous amount of change for everyone.

This congregation does well with change.  When we’ve experimented with how we … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — February 2019

As we approach Valentines Day in this era of #metoo, trust may be a good thing to think about in our personal lives.  We’ve witnessed tremendous violations of trust in the public sphere, and the reports just keep on coming.

For most us, though, trust doesn’t … read more.

Jonalu’s Journal — January 2019

Why would we think about doing things differently?

That’s the basic question whenever we begin looking at possibilities in our personal or congregational lives.  You’ll see elsewhere in this newsletter that the Board has set January 20 as a congregational meeting to talk about exploring a … read more.