18 Oct 2020
12:15 PM - 1:30 PM

Fellowship members are encouraged to attend this congregational meeting to explore the redefinition and refining of our UUFM Mission Statement; take a vote to endorse the 2015 UUA Action of Immediate Witness supporting Black Lives Matter, and discuss the display of a BLM banner at the Fellowship.  We cannot vote without the presence of a quorum of 40% of our membership.  Please plan to attend if you are able, at 12:15 pm, Sunday afternoon, at https://zoom.us/j/92604313401?pwd=OXlyeW1RQ0I4U1cxQ1FpU0x2TlZqdz09.  This is the same URL used by the Sunday service that morning, so, just hang around to chat during “coffee hour” and the meeting will begin shortly.

Please sign in before the meeting begins, so that your vote can be counted, at https://forms.gle/A9CwBevct6skSK8U6.