The Annual Christmas/Holiday Sale will be held online this year.  The sale will utilize a Facebook buy/sell group that has been set up specifically for this purpose.  If you do not have Facebook, please see below for more information.

To get to the buy/sell group, go to on that page, just click the Join Group link.  Most people will automatically be accepted into the group, but some may not meet the “auto-join” criteria and will have to be manually accepted. 

Items can be posted starting December 1, but will be hidden until the sale starts.  The sale opens at 7 pm, Friday, December 4, and will close at 5 pm, Sunday, December 13.

Rules for posting are simple and can be found under Announcements on the Facebook page.  All these steps are required.  Listings not meeting these requirements will be returned to the author for correction and resubmission.

  • Create one listing per item.  For example, if you’re selling 5 batches of cookies, you’ll create 5 listings.
  • Include the following in the description:
  1. Anything necessary to explain the item you are selling that may not be apparent in the photograph.
  2. If it is food, include any allergy-causing ingredients.
  3. Pickup and/or delivery process.  If you’re flexible, include that in your description.
  • If this is an auction listing (see below), very clearly indicate it as such.
  • Take a photo or photos of the item and include them in the listing.
  • Make sure you enter a price.  If 0 is entered, it is assumed this is a freewill donation of the item.  If it is an auction (see below), enter the minimum price.

We are also going to attempt to have auctions on the page.  Buy/sell groups are not set up for auctions, but we’ll give it a whirl.  For items that are auctions, clearly identify them as such, then bidders will post comments with their bids. Highest bid wins!

The transfer of items from seller to buyer will need to be coordinated between the two parties.  UUFM will not be able to house any items and cannot be involved in this transfer.

If you don’t have Facebook, please contact Betty Banner [at].  She’ll get you connected with someone that does. 

Questions should be asked via the Facebook group page vs personal email (unless you don’t have Facebook).