How do I connect to the service via Zoom?
Click the link for the service, and you will be invited to download the program if you do not already have it. The service is free, and the download fairly easy to follow. 

What if I don’t want people to see me?
Find the camera icon on the sidebar (it may be on the side or on the bottom of your screen), and click on “Stop Video.”

What if I’m seeing all the faces of people and want to see what’s going on in the service?
You’re in Gallery View. Find the sidebar (it may be at the side or on the bottom of your screen), and look for the view. Change to Speaker View, by clicking.

Why is my mic on “Mute”?
We will set everyone to “Mute” so that ambient noise will not interrupt the service. 

What if I have a problem?
You can click on “Chat,” and the chatbox will come up. Type in your problem, and we will try to address it. 

Are there other things I can add on “Chat”?
There will be times in the service (such as “Joys and Concerns”) when we will invite you to write in the chat. Otherwise, feel free to use the chat to express what you need to. Note that you can click at the bottom of the chatbox to address your chat either to “Everyone” to the “Host” or to specific individuals. 

What if my sound or picture are cutting out?
Sometimes, it can be helpful to Stop the Video if you are having trouble maintaining a connection. 

Is there anything else I need to know?
Please don’t press “Share” or it will share your computer screen with the whole group.