Rev. Jonalu Johnstone

With more than 25 years of ministerial experience, Rev. Jonalu Johnstone serves as our Developmental Minister. With a M.Div from Harvard Divinity School, she has served congregations in Wisconsin and Oklahoma before coming to UUFM in 2015.  She has been active throughout her career with community organizing, BGLTIQ rights (including marriage equality), feminism,  anti-racism and multiculturalism,  and local food. Underlying all of these issues is her commitment to make the world a better place.

Rev. Jonalu lives with her long-time partner Jane Powell, a retired social worker and long-distance hiker. In her leisure time, she enjoys music and movies, as well as hiking.

What is Developmental Ministry?

Developmental ministry is a time-limited agreement with a minister to work towards particular goals, in our case 3:

  1. Turn our vision of being strong, visible, socially active presence in the community into strategic action.
  2. Move to a full-time ministerial leadership model.
  3. Grow in ways needed to support 1 & 2.

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