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Our Soul Matters theme in May is Story

Family Stories

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects.  As we celebrate Mother’s Day, what are the stories we recollect from our families?  What are the hidden, secret stories?  How did the told and untold stories shape us?  What do we hold onto and what do we release?  Our convener … read more.

Your Story; My Story; Our Story

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  Some groups have a story that defines them built in.  Other groups find their story through living it together.  Unitarian Universalism comes somewhere in between.  Our tradition has its history, highlights, and lowlights.  And everyone who joins with us brings their … read more.

The Four A’s of Anti-Racism

Dr. Lorenza Lockett, faculty member in Social Work at Kansas State University, joins us to share a message that helps us examine our own stories and develop as authentic anti-racists.  Dr. Lockett is a motivational speaker and is active in numerous advocacy-based groups in the … read more.

Spiritual Journeys Awakening to Racism

The stories of this country have often left out or distorted the experiences of people of color, including Indigenous and Black people.  In the last few years, many books have been published to help us re-shape and re-tell the story of our nation.  We invite … read more.

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As we adapt to protect our family, friends and community from the threat of COVID-19, we will continue meeting through virtual Sunday services on Zoom.  Read our Sunday Services Team’s announcement on plans for the coming year.