Imagining Beloved Community, and Living into It

Rev Jonalu Johnstone speaks.  In 1960, the Rev Dr Martin Luther King said, “There is another element that must be present in our struggle that then makes our resistance and nonviolence truly meaningful.  That element is reconciliation.  Our ultimate end must be the creation of … read more.

Imagining a New World: The Great Reset (video available)

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “In the last year, we have found ourselves in unprecedented circumstances, with astoundingly rapid changes to how we operate in the world.  The coronavirus and the political upheaval have led us somewhere we have never been.  The increased reliance on technology … read more.

Pareidolia (video available)

Have you ever seen a face in the clouds, or a car front that looks like a cartoon face?   That is called “pareidolia.”   Les Loschky, UUFM member and cognitive psychologist, will talk about pareidolia as an example of the creativity of the brain, and … read more.