Poetry as Word Play (video available)

Diane Barker speaks.  Our focus will be word play as in poetry, and the power of humorous words.   Sylvia Beeman shares stories and jokes for the Story for All Ages.  Diane reflects on word play in poetry with four poems and her thoughts about them.  … read more.

Let’s See What Happens (video available)

Rev Jonalu Johnstone presents this service.  A key element to imaginative play is openness to what might happen. We try something, without being attached to a result, and see what happens. As we move more fully into the transitional time we are in–in the world … read more.

Child’s Play (video available)

Rev Jonalu Johnstone reflects, “Jesus said the kingdom of God belonged to those like little children.  Buddha spoke of the importance of beginner’s mind.  One of the key elements of childhood–in humans and many other animals–is play.  Play helps children master their world and learn … read more.